Advisor Uses Experience + Knowledge to Help Startups Build a Business

AdvisoryCloud is a great solution for advisors where you set up a call, have a specific point of discussion, and the billing happens in the background. There is no other broad-based marketplace like AdvisoryCloud that facilitates paid advisory work.
Brian O'Keefe
Chief Investment Officer
Parallel Advisors

Brian is a highly accomplished financial executive and acquisitions expert with over 20 years of success in the military, biomechanics, manufacturing, finance, software, investment banking, venture capital, and private equity industries. His key areas of expertise include growth, fundraising, M&A, turnaround, startups, and retail. He has particular expertise in enterprise software, BPO, advertising and marketing technology, technology-enabled services, and infrastructure software.


With an emphasis on financial modeling and analysis, investment due diligence, and process technology integration, Brian O’Keefe is an accomplished financial and acquisitions expert with more than 20 years of success helping companies capitalize on growth opportunities. While his extensive experience focuses on financial services and operations, Brian has a diverse background ranging from biomechanics and alternative energy technology to the U.S. Military.

Brian is also particularly interested in working with companies that have the potential for high growth in the area of e-commerce, which led him to seek out advisory opportunities. Throughout his career, Brian has worked on financing in excess of $40M million for companies backed by well-known venture firms such as Kleiner Perkins, New Enterprise Associates, Benchmark Capital, Morgenthaler, Menlo Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Khosla Ventures.

For Brian, advisory work is the perfect way to turn his knowledge into a valuable resource for emerging startups - and get paid for it.


Brian enjoys working with companies as an advisor and was interested in finding more advisor roles but didn’t want to overwork his network or spend countless hours searching for opportunities. Then, Brian heard about AdvisoryCloud through a colleague and was intrigued by the idea of having his professional profile located on a directory exclusively for advisors where companies can easily search for advisors based on their business needs. He also liked that his Advisor Profile acts as a hub for managing advisory work in one central location, from which he can schedule meetings and receive direct payment.

“AdvisoryCloud takes care of everything from scheduling meetings and setting up contracts to coordinating agendas and direct payment. All the logistics are handled, and then you receive payment through their platform,” said Brian.


Shortly after joining AdvisoryCloud, Brian began finding opportunities that appealed to his interests and started receiving compensation for his per-meeting advisory work. During this process, Brian found true satisfaction in working with these companies.

“There is a great sense of satisfaction in taking your experiences and sharing them with a young entrepreneur so they don’t have to develop the same scars and battle wounds that you had to go through when building a business. AdvisoryCloud is a really great way to provide relevant in-depth and focused insight to companies as an advisor,” said Brian.

With AdvisoryCloud, businesses and CEOs are able to search the advisor directory to find qualified professionals who can provide sound advice based on hands-on experience. For advisors, it’s a great way to share their insight and expertise with companies seeking guidance, all while getting paid.

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