AdvisoryCloud Advisors Turn Ideas into Action for Cybersecurity Organization

Company Info
Client: Binary Reign

CEO: Robin Thompson

Founded: 2019

Location: Global

Industries: Cybersecurity

About Binary Reign

Binary Reign is a non-profit organization of members from specialized organizations, such as AIIM, ACC, ABA, ARMA, ACEDS, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, ISSA, ISACA, IAAP. It’s mission is to protect stakeholders by protecting their information. Most cybersecurity associations are siloed and only work within their specific discipline. Binary Reign helps all different associations communicate more effectively with each other. 


When Robin Thompson took stock of the cybersecurity industry as a whole, she felt the industry’s associations were extremely fragmented and wanted to create a way that leveraged the power of unity. Founded in 2019 to unify all disciplines of cybersecurity, Binary Reign is an avant-garde coalition of cybersecurity organizations focused on leveraging their collective knowledge and experience to protect stakeholder information. 

While most cybersecurity associations are siloed and work only within their specific discipline, Binary Reign’s mission is to bring the associations together to communicate more effectively with each other. Binary Reign is a 501c6 non-profit organization of members from specialized organizations, including AIIM, ACC, ABA, ARMA, ACEDS, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, ISSA, ISACA, and IAAP. 

“I quickly realized I couldn’t run this organization on my own and knew a team of advisors could help me build my idea from the ground up,” said Robin Thompson, founder of Binary Reign. “Despite my large network, I wasn’t able to reach people with the right expertise I needed through LinkedIn and other social portals. AdvisoryCloud, however, had the perfect concentration of people I needed to talk to.”

Through AdvisoryCloud, Robin set out to find professionals with experience ranging from records management and cloud security to strategic partnerships and board governance.


Robin worked one-on-one with the AdvisoryCloud team to create a company profile detailing Binary Reign’s mission and goals, as well as the skills Robin was seeking in potential advisors. Shortly after, Binary Reign’s Virtual Advisory Board was established. 

“AdvisoryCloud has been instrumental in connecting me with brilliant advisors I would have otherwise never met,” explained Robin. “Having spent nearly 35 years working remotely, AdvisoryCloud’s virtual program has proved to be the easiest, most collaborative virtual environment I have worked with to date.”

The difference between Robin’s previous advisor search and the results she received through AdvisoryCloud were night and day. In just three months, Robin experienced more movement in her advisor search than an entire 12 months on LinkedIn, and she gained the resources to advance Binary Reign’s initiatives further than ever before.

“Nothing means more to me than leaving this legacy to my industry, and the support from my AdvisoryCloud account manager, Rachael, has been fantastic. She always puts my interests, and the interest of the folks I’m working with, first,” said Robin.


Through virtual communications with her advisory board, Robin was able to begin making headway in some of Binary Reign’s top priorities and received widespread advice from her advisors that was massively helpful. 

“Right away, the advice I received led to positive changes in the imagery of my website that is simpler and tells a much more accurate story. This was not only beneficial in helping create an image for my organization but allowed me to restructure my brand in a meaningful way,” added Robin. 

Receiving outside perspective, even on the smallest of details, like adding a slogan to the company’s brand, has made an invaluable impact on the future of Binary Reign. As the organization grows, Robin plans to use the guidance she receives to establish by-laws and governing documents for the organization, develop strategic growth strategies, and more. 

Moving forward, Robin will continue to leverage advisors to turn Binary Reign into a legacy organization for the cybersecurity industry.   

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