Fry Egg’s advisory board is comprised of executives from
Fortune 500 companies including Adidas, CVS Pharmacy,
Oracle, Puma, Merrill Lynch, and 20th Century Fox.

Industries: Fitness, Technology, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain

CEO: Tristan Chaundry

Hired 12 Advisors


Rick Rolston

Founder & CEO
Hired 7 Advisors

“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud. I’m really looking forward to watching this advisory board and my executive team collaborate and drive BuiltSpace to further succeed and grow. I was thrilled with high-quality talent brought to me through AdvisoryCloud. They exceeded my expectations.”

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Mary McDougall

Vice President
Placed with BuiltSpace

“I applaud AdvisoryCloud’ effort to disrupt an industry that’s been dependent on ‘word-of-mouth’ and ‘who-you-know’. The platform works well and seems to attract a good set of advisory board opportunities. The board positions are much fewer in number. In my first seven months, I was invited onto an advisory board.”

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George Polzer

Chairman of Technical Service
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
Placed with Fry Egg

“I would not have found this advisor opportunity anywhere else. AdvisoryCloud provides a perfectly focused platform to get placed for such opportunities. I met with the CEO twice and was very impressed with their vision. Fry Egg is a solid and well-organized, established company that is taking the right steps to leverage the blockchain AI synergies for their personal fitness exchange.”

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“AdvisoryCloud connected me with my first board
seat and I had a great experience with the company.”

Maggie Harmon

COO, The Brand, Art & Technology Studio

Placed with The Sustainable Collective


Frank Magnotti

CEO / Petram Technologies
Hired 4 Advisors

“Finding expert advisors in the construction, mining, and oil and gas exploration industries is a big enough challenge, but finding experts that have experience in blasting and demolition on top of it is nearly impossible. I knew I had to go beyond my network of colleagues to find qualified candidates, and AdvisoryCloud exceeded my expectations. Within two months, I had a team of highly specialized advisors on board ready for action.”

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Melissa Kargiannakis

Founder and CEO
Heuristext Inc.
Hired One Advisor

“AdvisoryCloud gave us access to dozens of precisely matched and brilliantly qualified professionals I never would have otherwise found. I signed up on a Sunday and by Wednesday had interviewed and sent a letter of offer to the successful candidate. Talk about high-quality service at lightning speed.”

Phil LaColla

Hired 7 Advisors

“Many thanks to AdvisoryCloud for helping me find this distinguished group of board advisors. I would not have come across these individuals using my traditional network. I am already seeing how the knowledge value that each person brings to the table is positively impacting the company’s direction and growth.”

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Why a Fortune 500 executive turns to AdvisoryCloud for
advisory work

Rick Colón

SVP at Dunkin Donuts and former McDonald’s Executive

Placed with Alocito


Dr. Irina Agoulnik

VESTI Intelligence Corp.
Placed with Assured Science Exchange

“AdvisoryCloud customer service representatives go above and beyond for their customers and work directly with AdvisoryCloud members to guide them through onboarding process for achieving the best results sooner. My first advisory board position is a perfect fit for my professional background, and I look forward to hear from a handful of other companies that already reviewing my applications!”

Christian Sweetser

Senior VP Financial, Planning and Analysis
Silverado Senior Living, Inc.
Placed with LoanCheck Inc

“AdvisoryCloud has been terrific. It is a highly tailored and incredibly easy way to connect with organizations and individuals looking for someone with my qualifications and experience. I have used many other professional networking services/sites with varying degrees of satisfaction and AdvisoryCloud handily beats all of them. Thanks for a great and effective tool.”

Leasha West

Founder and CEO
West Financial Group
Member of Forbes Financial Council
Placed with Fry Egg

“After years of serving on boards in the nonprofit sector, I was delighted to be referred to AdvisoryCloud as I transitioned to the corporate board setting. I found the Continuing Board Education (CBE) element of AdvisoryCloud to be one of the most valuable resources. I highly recommend AdvisoryCloud for those who seek board leadership.”

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“AdvisoryCloud made it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors for my company. I posted an Advisor opening and had candidates within 72 hours.”

Andy Mercy


Hired One Advisor


Rick Rolston

Founder & CEO
Hired 7 Advisors

“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud. I’m really looking forward to watching this advisory board and my executive team collaborate and drive BuiltSpace to further succeed and grow. I was thrilled with the high-quality talent brought to me through AdvisoryCloud. They exceeded my expectations.”

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Cindy Engstrom

Founder and CEO
Sircle Advertising

“AdvisoryCloud is the best resource available for access to high-caliber board candidates. We needed a very specific skill set and expertise for our company. AdvisoryCloud delivered well matched candidates quickly so that I could get back to growing our business.”

Tristan Chaudry

Founder & CEO
Fry Egg
Hired 12 Advisors

“Our advisors have been exceptional in presenting us with opportunities to grow and gain momentum in the marketplace. They’ve provided us with business advice, new contacts and connections, and partnerships with brands like Garmin and Under Armour. I could not be happier with the talent I found through AdvisoryCloud.”

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“Thank you, AdvisoryCloud, for connecting us with an amazing team of individuals whom we are proud to have on board!”

CEO: Fayez Nadem

Industries: Restaurant and Technology

Hired 5 Advisors


Joel Schipper

Enterprise Software Insight, Inc
Placed with Xbitalign

“AdvisoryCloud gave me the opportunity to join a board of directors by showcasing my experience beyond a simple resume, including publishing short articles and participating in live roundtable discussions. It paid off first with an interview that led to an advisory board position with a software startup and telling my own network about that achievement led to an introduction that placed me on the board of directors of a second company.”

Leslie Sarkesian

Founder and CEO
Sarkesian Ventures
Placed with SmartServe

”AdvisoryCloud has exceeded my expectations! They are professional, passionate, and deliver their promise. I now proudly serve on the board of SmartServe, founded by London-based entrepreneur, Fayez Nadem, with an amazing and diverse group of leaders.”

Michael Harris

Michael Harris Group, Inc.
Placed with Foresight Group, Ltd.

“AdvisoryCloud provides a robust platform for matching growing companies with experienced board members. The key is to fully utilize the site and apply to all suggested opportunities. I have been successfully matched by AdvisoryCloud with two companies that would never have been on my radar. AdvisoryCloud is a great place to showcase my unique skills among hundreds of organizations who need what I share.”

Alocito builds impressive advisory board of seniors executives with backgrounds from McDonald’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, TGI Fridays, and Johnny Rockets.

CEO: Phil LaColla

Industries: Restaurant and Technology

Hired 7 Advisors


Shannon Johnson

The Sustainable Collective

“As a startup in the idea phase, the ability to connect with advisors I feel has been invaluable in filling some of the key holes in my company. I would advise anyone bootstrapping a startup to take advantage of AdvisoryCloud!”

Fayez Nadem

Hired 5 Advisors

“AdvisoryCloud was the bridge that connected our business with world-class leading directors and advisors!”

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Bruce Matichuk

CTO & Co-Founder
Salu Design
Hired 3 Advisors

“AdvisoryCloud has been very good to us at Salu Design Group. We were able to find some exceptional people to help out as senior advisors. We are now working on some significant deals which would not have been possible otherwise. I highly recommend the people and the process.”

“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud.”

CEO: Rick Rolston

Industries: Founder and President, BuiltSpace

Hired 7 Advisors


Ed Addison

Cloud Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Placed with SmartServe

“Startups are where the new products that change the world come from. Disruptive products tend to come from new ventures. I’m at the stage in my life, which involves a lot of grandkids and travel, where I want to move away from starting my own companies. AdvisoryCloud has made it possible for me to advise others just starting out, while supporting my goal of a flexible lifestyle that allows time for my other interests and activities.”

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Yasser Nafei

SVP & Division Head
LG Electronics
Placed with CNXT EoE Inc.

”I found my experience with AdvisoryCloud to be the most efficient way to connect executives, like myself, with great companies looking for advisors and board members. I couldn’t be happier with the companies and individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with.“

“I recommend AdvisoryCloud to any colleagues looking to expand their network and find board and advisory opportunities…”

Stan Hales

CEO, N2 Ventures

Placed with Glenbrook Studios, LLC


Ben Allen

Entuso, Inc.

“AdvisoryCloud takes care of all the logistics and breaks the ice between you and superstar candidates for your business. I highly recommend them to any business owner looking to take their enterprise to the next level.”

Jing Carter-Lu

President and CEO
Healthier & Happier, Inc.
Hired 2 Advisors

“After only two weeks on AdvisoryCloud’ platform, we were able to set up an afternoon to speak with several executive candidates. These introductory calls were extremely helpful and allowed us to find two highly qualified executives to sit on our board. I truly appreciate AdvisoryCloud and their wonderful customer service who made this entire process extremely easy.”

Edward Rotenberg, PhD

TPG Inc.

“AdvisoryCloud saved me so much time by giving me access to the best executive candidates I could have imagined. The site is well organized and intuitively easy to use. I want to thank AdvisoryCloud’ team for giving me such an excellent recruiting tool.”

CEO Ezra Eckhardt turned to AdvisoryCloud to help him find what appeared to be an impossible hire.

CEO: Ezra Eckhardt

Industries: Healthcare, Medical Equipment & Devices

Hired Full-Time Executive Position


Matthew Loughran

Blockchain & ICO Strategy Advisor
Placed with Fry Egg and iBuySell

“By joining AdvisoryCloud, I am able to apply to an unlimited number of board roles for companies that I find interesting. As an advisor, I enjoy being part of a startup without having to take on the personal risks associated with new ventures. And, as with joining any business opportunity, I enjoy being part of something new and exciting.”

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Tammy Martin

Lighthouse Computer Services.
Placed with Heuristext

“The professionalism and customized service that AdvisoryCloud offers has enabled me to easily be matched with suitable board opportunities. After only three months using their platform, I have been placed in an advisory board role! Their platform is easy to navigate and their communication is exceptional throughout the process.”

“Within two months, I had a team of highly specialized
advisors on board ready for action. These advisors are
experts and executives from Fortune 500 companies.”

CEO: Frank Magnotti

Industries: Technology, Construction, and Demolition

Hired 4 advisors


Dr. Cedric Wesley

Assured Science Exchange

“The executive matching service provided by AdvisoryCloud is excellent, both in terms of information and services provided. I would highly recommend AdvisoryCloud, particularly to startups facing the daunting task of reaching and recruiting strong and active advisors.”

Enitan Ladipo

33rd Republic

“AdvisoryCloud’ services far surpassed my expectations. We got more than we were hoping for and are excited to work with this group of really talented executives.”

Alan Carter

Wobblebase, Inc
Hired 3 Advisors

“AdvisoryCloud found three excellent advisors who have helped immensely. Another great point…they provide great feedback to where you are in terms of generating interest and engaging to validate where your company stands with a diverse group of successful executives. Thanks for the diligence and excellent follow-up.”

“AdvisoryCloud outperformed expectations in terms of connecting our company with top executive talent. I would highly recommend them to anyone searching for advisors.”

CEO: Forrest Snowden

Industries: Manufacturer, International Trade

Hired 3 advisors


Mark W. Sickles

SuperOrg, Inc.

“Could not be happier with the outcome of our advisory board search managed by AdvisoryCloud. The quality of the candidates is outstanding, and the mutual vetting feature of AdvisoryCloud process helps ensure a good fit. We interviewed eleven candidates, all of whom were excellent. In addition, we found the staff at AdvisoryCloud to be dedicated professionals and a pleasure to work with. Nicely done, AdvisoryCloud, and thank you!”

Marko Sakren

Executive Producer
Glenbrook Studios LLC.
Hired One Advisor

“My company was in need of expert advisers and AdvisoryCloud came through for me with great candidates. I now have a solid business advisory board to help me navigate into the future.”

Ruby Raley

VP of Product Marketing

“I have been with AdvisoryCloud just 6 months and have obtained advisory board positions at two wonderful startups in my space. These companies were in my backyard and I had no idea. Without AdvisoryCloud, these opportunities and many more would not be available to me.”

Within 30 days, CEO Vijay Reddy had over 50 applications from qualified executives with experience that matched his criteria.

CEO: Vijay Reddy

Industries: Technology and Healthcare

Hired 10 advisors


Edwin Brown


“AdvisoryCloud acts like a dating service for companies that need board candidates and candidates looking for advisory positions. They make the introductions and you take it from there. I was connected with several very qualified candidates for our advisory board. I would use them again without question and would recommend them for anyone looking to fill board seats at their company.”

Sri Chellappa

Added One Advisor

“Without a platform like this, it would have been 10X more difficult to get the right minds to advise our executive team.”

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Mark Trowbridge

RIPTec Ltd

“Excellent concept and great team behind it who have always been available on a one-to-one basis and truly responsive to our needs. I have so far had some excellent conversations with some exceptional people and I am certain we will find what we need from the process. More than happy to recommend AdvisoryCloud services.”

“AdvisoryCloud focused on understanding our talent strategy and paid careful attention to the growth trajectory of our company and provided a holistic approach when presenting candidates to us.”

SVP and Head of HR: John Samaan

Industries: Financial Services

Industries: Hired 2 Full-Time Executive Positions


Patrick Lee

Founder and CEO
Ajuvia Life Sciences and BodyRyzm LifeSciences
Hired 6 Advisors

“AdvisoryCloud is a godsend for small businesses! We have been working with AdvisoryCloud for 18 months, and have signed on six outstanding advisers. They have been instrumental in our business transition process. And as a founder, I have been looking for trustworthy advisers for many years and it was not until I came across AdvisoryCloud that my advisory board was effectively built up.”

Randy Dunguay

Salu Design

“AdvisoryCloud does an excellent job in connecting people with your company who can offer valuable insights and ideas on how to move forward. I highly recommend their service and support!”

Zain Hasan

Founder & CEO
National Insurance and HR Consulting Group

“Through AdvisoryCloud I not only connected with phenomenal candidates for my advisory board, I connected with someone who was such a great fit that they’re quarterbacking the process of us raising $6.5 MM for our company. The talent you find on AdvisoryCloud is unmatched, and the team behind AdvisoryCloud helps you make smart decisions for meeting your goals. Best kept secret in the world is AdvisoryCloud, and I’m grateful I found out about it.”

Within days of joining and posting open advisory positions, Bottles Waiting had over 20 applications from executives around the country interested in sharing their expertise with the company.

CEO: Tim Bird

Industries: Restaurant, NightClubs

Hired 2 Advisors


Matt Kormann

Senior VP
The Freeman Group

“AdvisoryCloud has been invaluable in expanding my professional experience. It is the most effective resource for board candidates available today.”

Gaurav Bhalla

Knowledge Kinetics, Inc.

“AdvisoryCloud is an excellent platform for matching what executives have to offer with what companies are looking for in advisory and board members. Additionally, their team understands working with and serving the needs of professionals. It is definitely a winning combination.”

Tim Carlsen

Placed with SmartServe

“Startups need the kind of ‘go to’ player that can wear many different hats based on their years of experience. AdvisoryCloud’ model is for consistent ‘doers,’ and the platform has enabled me to authentically bring my 25 years of experience forward.”

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After receiving 60 executive applications, IPS worked with AdvisoryCloud to interview and evaluate 17 of the most qualified candidates.

CEO: Rachel Hankerson

Industries: Auto and Technology

Hired One Advisor


Nick Coutu

Engager Rings
Hired 2 Advisors

“AdvisoryCloud’ executive platform makes it easy to set up real introductions with accomplished execs that are interested in moving the needle for your company. AdvisoryCloud’ team was diligent in keeping me up to speed and helping me set up an afternoon of calls. After interviewing four candidates, I was able to find two candidates we really liked. I would highly recommend AdvisoryCloud’ platform for board recruitment, it is beneficial to anyone.”

Nikolaos Tezapsidis

President & CEO
Neurotez, Inc.

“Excellent! I highly recommend AdvisoryCloud! Whether you are looking to hire executives or find board seats, they have it all.”

Vince Ferraro

Vice President of Corporate and Consumer Marketing
Attenditus Networks

“If you aspire to director or advisory roles, AdvisoryCloud offers the most comprehensive listing of opportunities. Most of these opportunities are not advertised anywhere else. I was able to secure an advisory position within a couple of months. Their portal user interface is intuitive and tracks the status of each opportunity you applied for. Their follow-up is personal. I recommend AdvisoryCloud to my entire C-Level professional network.”

“AdvisoryCloud made adding directors to our company shockingly quick and simple. AdvisoryCloud is great for any company looking for advisors or board members.”

CEO: Jeffrey Wade

Industries: Human Resources

Hired Advisors


Tim Bird

CEO Bottles Waiting
Hired 2 Advisors

“As a startup, you are always looking for seasoned executives who can give you good advice and strategic contacts. AdvisoryCloud has been a valuable source to find those quality people. I highly recommend someone building an advisory board or board of directors to look at AdvisoryCloud.”

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Kevin Cuthbert

Assistant Dean
Daniels College

“AdvisoryCloud platform and team made the process of applying to companies simple and efficient. I recommend AdvisoryCloud for executives looking to find advisory or board positions.”

Tim Collins


“AdvisoryCloud has been amazing in helping us develop a great advisory board. We definitely recommend AdvisoryCloud to anyone looking for board recruitment or to diversify their company.”

John Kirby

Cherry Creek Media

“What I like best about my experience with AdvisoryCloud is the professionalism of everyone I’ve dealt with at the company. The emails I receive are well-written, succinct, and straight to the point. The phone calls are informational and friendly. Best of all, there appears to be a real effort made to keep me up-to-date with all the information I need. On top of that, when I’ve asked for a little extra help, I never get “NO” for an answer. I recommend AdvisoryCloud highly.”

Adam Kruzich

General Counsel

“Through AdvisoryCloud I was able to land several seats in a short amount of time, connecting me with an outstanding network of professionals. The boards that I serve on continue to use AdvisoryCloud as our primary recruiting tool for additional members.”

“Without a platform like this, it would have been 10X more difficult to get the right minds to advise our executive team.”

CEO: Sri Chellappa

Industries: Software (SaaS) and Human Resources

Hired One Advisor


Sherina Ageel

Kids In Discovery Of Self, Inc.

“Your service is the best I’ve ever come across since the onset of this mission. AdvisoryCloud representative that I spoke with was the kindest and most generous person I’ve ever met! She was very patient and understanding of our position and our intentions, as well as our goals! She zoomed in on our immediate needs and promised to move forward as swiftly as possible. She never looked at where we were standing, but how to move us forward. Thank you.

Michael Scherm

CEO and Co-Founder
Hired One Advisor

“We had been looking to round out our advisory board for some time before discovering AdvisoryCloud. The process was simple and effective. In just a week or two we got interest from an impressive number of qualified individuals. AdvisoryCloud team was eager and helpful. I highly recommend AdvisoryCloud!”

Reena Bhatia

Founder & Advisor
Proposal Helper

“AdvisoryCloud’ team understood our requirements in just one simple phone call and matched us up with several highly qualified individuals.”

Haroon Siddiqui

MiSoft Solutions

“Working with AdvisoryCloud team was a great experience and insight into the executive world. They helped us set up an afternoon of interviews with potential advisors, and everything was handled professionally. We interviewed several experienced candidates and hired several advisors. It was truly a great experience and I would highly recommend AdvisoryCloud’ platform for board recruitment.”

Lyndee Knox, PhD


“I would highly recommend AdvisoryCloud’ platform for board recruitment to anyone from start up to more mature companies.”

Meeta Pandey

VP Business Development and Strategy

”Our experience with AdvisoryCloud was wonderful. We connected with great people and AdvisoryCloud was very helpful in this journey. I would highly recommend them.”

Vaugh Burton

Executive Sales
BiTech Medical Corp.
BiTech Medical Corp.

“AdvisoryCloud Advisor Day was the most productive half-day I have spent connecting with potential advisors. We interviewed eight experienced candidates and wound up hiring four. It was a great experience. AdvisoryCloud offered enormous support and provided us with accomplished candidates.”

Vijay Reddy

Synthium Health
Hired 10 Advisors

“We used AdvisoryCloud to find advisors and were impressed by the ease and efficiency of the process and the professionalism of their team. I recommend any growing business to use AdvisoryCloud’ marketplace to connect and hire top advisors and board members.”

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Vikas Mehrotra

Virtue Analytics
Hired One Advisor

“Working with AdvisoryCloud’ team couldn’t have been easier. They helped us set up an afternoon of interviews with potential advisors that we found to be extremely beneficial. We interviewed four experienced candidates and wound up selecting one. It was truly a great experience and I would highly recommend AdvisoryCloud’ platform for board recruitment to anyone.”

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