March 21, 2019

Winning the High Stakes Game of Sales

Vicki Cline

Vicki Cline
Owner/Sales Co-Sourcing

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Sales enablement is not only the BIG buzzword in business development today but is a high stakes game where sales professionals are battling competitors, increasing noise in the marketplace, and demanding schedules of their prospects.

Many executives are wondering; what is sales enablement, do I need it, and do I have it?

Simply put, sales enablement is a process of providing the sales professionals with the information, content, and tools to help them sell more effectively (successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process).

Do you need it sales enablement? The best way to answer the question is by looking to the numbers.  Are you meeting your revenue goals?

Lastly, do you have sales enablement working in your sales strategy?  Here are some things to be asking:

Do your sales professionals have immediate access to?

  • Proposal templates for different services or offerings
  • Scripting for sales situations
  • Competitor contrast information
  • Services sheets
  • Shareable case studies, references, blogs
  • Knowledge of shared content progression

Does your CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

  • Manage the sales process
  • Send emails and campaigns
  • Store activity records
  • Manage multiple contacts
  • House a library of collateral

Does your company engage in?

  • Planned nurturing campaigns
  • Creating offers and calls to action
  • Optimization of SEO
  • Blog post
  • Shares on social media
  • Tracking URL’s

At this point, you may be sighing with relief or feeling a bit overwhelmed.  If you're relieved, then congratulate yourself for being a formable player in the high stake’s sales game.   If your feelings are running to the latter, then take heart as Rome was not built in a day. 

The first action is to have a strategic plan.  Understand your market, competition, and sales team.  Start with the items with the greatest need and allocate resources to execute the plan with a strict timeline.  Every item achieved from your plan gives you chips to continue planning in the game.  You can become a high roller over time with diligence to execute your sales strategy.

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