August 08, 2019

Who's Job Is It Anyhow?

Keith Hadding

Keith Hadding
Founder / COO/NC Realty Svs, Inc.

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I won't go in to calling names but suffice it to say that some of, in fact, I would suggest most of all the great leaders of our generation really didn't produce anything.  If we look at all the famous named companies throughout the global economy of today, stop and think what did they produce, and then ask yourself who really put the blood sweat and tears into the products.

I suggest to you that what they all seem to have in common is obvious, they surround themselves with the people who can get er done.

The visionary leaders we come to know who is in the public eye tend to ask some good questions and challenge the teams they have built to make it happen. I often tell people that Warren Buffet said he made most of his money after he was 60 years old, therefore there is still hope for me yet. What I am learning and applying to my business is that I need to hire the best people who can think outside the box, accept the challenges of business and provide the desired results.

By the same token, this should allow a leader, a visionary the balance in life. To take the time to care for themselves and their loved ones. To be healthy and live longer more productive lives. 

The day of a business owner working his or her fingers to the bone and scratching away at it in order to make a business work should be long gone and we can thank the leaders before us for the success formula. So where then do you begin to use this method for your business. It all begins with a solid grasp of the vision. Not a vision that is vague or one that changes from day to day. A rock-solid clear understanding of what your successful business looks like and what it will accomplish.

Apart from every day, we need to spend refining the delivery of the vision in such a way that it inspires and draws others to that vision. After all, hiring a good tech person to do tech stuff is okay but what you need is a tech person who has caught the vision and is passionate about helping you get there. Then you challenge them to reach new heights in their area of the vision.

Your janitor should know and embrace your vision. What they do allows others to remain focused on their portion of the success of the vision. So yes your janitor is a vital part of that vision. If you cannot explain how important they are, each and every person in your company, then you are not going to hire the correct people and your success will be delayed to some degree if not completely.

So in a broad spectrum, I think that is as clear as I can make the success formula for your business. Surround yourself with the people who are smarter, faster, better, more qualified, etc... than you are. Challenge them to excel beyond what you see as the limits today. Ask them to discover new limits daily. Hire the ones that can embrace the vision. So I guess today's leaders are great HR people.

Never will any of my tram say "it's not my job." Success is a team sport. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, reach out via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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