September 18, 2019

What's next for Internal Coaching?

Shawna Corden

Shawna Corden
Executive Coach/Shawna Corden Coaching

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Q:  What’s next for Internal coaching?

A: Workplaces are seeing the value of a coach approach as the hiring of millennials continues.  Millennials value relationships and teams to accomplish work and the quality time approach.  The three modalities of external coaching for the executive ranks, internal coaching for middle management and individual contributors, and coaching skills for leaders will continue through 2019.

I expect to see more leaders being trained with coaching skills- regardless of title or place in the organization.  

Q: What’s the value of the internal coach vs. the other coaching modalities?

A: A trend, that I support, of late is to take high performing, highly emotionally intelligent employees who are passionate about employee engagement and send them to coach training.  This allows a trusted colleague, who already has credibility in the workplace, to become a peer coach.  The cost of sending valued contributors to coaching school is very low relative to the cost of exclusively using external coaches.   There will always be a need for coaching skills with leaders, but as managers can not TRULY coach, since they have an agenda, the internal coach will always be needed.   

Q: What do you recommend for a company considering adding coaching to their toolkit? 

A:  There are 10 steps that I highly recommend for every workplace considering coaching, and the first is for the leaders to experience having their own coach.  It’s important they understand the distinctions between coaching and mentoring.  Too many leaders say they are coaching their employees when they are giving them advice.  The risk with that, is it that it limits the contributions and innovations from the employees and creates a group think. 

If you’re considering taking this step it’s worth walking through a phased approach and taking appropriate ‘before’ measures of the key performance indicators you believe will be improved with coaching. 

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