July 31, 2019

Turning Everyday Business Interactions Into Paid Advisory Work

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Chris Beaver

Chris Beaver
AdvisoryCloud/Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Sales - AdvisoryCloud

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Executives today are searching for ways to work with innovative companies, startups, and non-profits to better establish themselves as advisors, thought leaders, and influencers while getting paid. While at the same time, according to a recent study by Gartner, there is a talent shortage in so many areas of businesses that it is now a top concern for senior executives.

More and more, business leaders are turning to advisors to help close the gap in areas where specific expertise is needed and they’re doing this through per meeting work. Per meeting work allows companies to hire advisors by the hour, with meetings most often conducted over the phone, to strategize, brainstorm, or provide guidance on specific challenges they may be facing.

One of the biggest challenges for companies and advisors in these situations however, is finding each other. At AdvisoryCloud, accessing expert knowledge has become more attainable than ever before, and easier for advisors to let their presence be known. AdvisoryCloud helps executives and professionals create their own advisor profile that can be shared with companies seeking advice to grow their business or help with current challenges.  

To help professionals establish themselves as an advisor, AdvisoryCloud provides members with an advisor profile. Advisor Profiles are individual webpages where professionals can showcase their skills and experience, gain exposure as an advisor, and connect with compensated opportunities.

The visibility gained through an Advisor Profile on AdvisoryCloud.com greatly expands an advisor’s opportunities because they can now be contacted and hired by companies or individuals from anywhere in the world. This has become increasingly important because as most professionals know, they are constantly receiving requests by fellow executives for business advice through LinkedIn or email. Now, these requests can be turned into scheduled meetings, and paid advisory work directly through Advisor Profiles on AdvisoryCloud.com – turning those everyday business interactions into paid advisory work.

On their Advisor Profile, professionals can:

  • Showcase their unique expertise and resume highlights to demonstrate their value as an advisor.
  • Share their Advisor Page link on social media, to their growing network of professionals, or any other way they see fit.
  • Get paid quickly and easily for advisory work through a direct payment system on their page.

Simply put, AdvisoryCloud’s Advisor Profile is a professional’s public face as an advisor. Unlike social networking platforms, AdvisoryCloud eliminates useless introductions and endless, unknown interactions and instead creates a place for real and attainable advisory opportunities to take place. Combined with a suite of other tools and resources offered by AdvisoryCloud, an Advisor Profile is one of the greatest ways for professionals to monetize their knowledge as an advisor and create a seamless and valuable way for professionals and companies to connect for advisory work.

The future of advisory work is here already. Get to know this modern way of working with businesses, startups, and non-profits and start your public Advisor Profile today.

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