July 17, 2019

True Leadership: Do What is Right, Not What is Easy

Julie Gilbert, MBA / CPA

Julie Gilbert, MBA / CPA
Henry Crown Fellow/The Aspen Institute

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The American Marketing Association chapter at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, MN was honored to have CEO/Founder Julie Gilbert keynote their event.

Julie focused on the following Top 10:

1) Top integrity leaders: Only work with and for those with top integrity and values: anything else is degrading to your personal brand and life. "Birds of a feather flock together." When you find toxicity, you will find corruption. Resign and run fast from it. You can't afford your own reputation to be among them and their 'reveal' time is imminent!

2) Relationships: It really is all about relationships that you build authentically with those individuals that share your values and integrity.

3) True leaders do what is RIGHT, not what is EASY.

4) Do a Meaningful Career: Spend your time in your career doing something that has meaning for others and makes a difference in peoples' lives! You life and your time and effort deserve that for yourself!

5) Learn the business: Work for a start-up now and get as much experience as you can understanding how each component of business works. It will take you down a unique path that ties to your own strengths and values and propel you to success in your own venture.

6) It really is all about marketing: your personal brand, those you surround yourself creates your reputation just as it impacts new products, solutions, etc.

7) Follow your path: you are each unique and have such potential to create solutions that change the world. Go do it; we are counting on you!

8) Instincts are RIGHT. Trust them and pull the eject button when you feel that your values are not those of individuals you work with/for.

9) Drive your future vs. letting others drive it for you.

10) Have fun in the journey. It goes quick and it will be the majority of time you spend in your life so work with top integrity, fun people, and create / build things that change lives. And, there are too many amazing humans out there to waste your time with dogs and unethical people. 

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