June 24, 2019

The Marketing Brain: 6 Tips for Integrated Marketing Communications

Aaron Vick

Aaron Vick

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Integrated marketing aims to create a seamless brand experience and eliminate conflicting messages. While you may be unable to eliminate all conflicting messages, you can mitigate their dominance. 

This strategy aims to combine all areas of your marketing communications. These include advertising, social media, promotion, and public relations. 

With all these complex areas coming together, it's easy to see how conflicting messages can arise. As you expand your business, you'll need to figure out a way to reduce confusion. 

Below you'll find some useful integrated marketing communications tips to help you. Ensure a consistent message across all platforms and give your consumers the consistency they deserve. 

1. Create Your Digital Marketing Goals 

In the modern world, much of your marketing campaign will target an online audience. This is the most effective method of reaching consumers. 

If you haven't made this step, you should think about doing so before you read any further. If you're a new startup, be sure to do your research on this concept and other areas startups typically fail. 

You'll need to create a brand name and image you can communicate across various platforms. In the modern market, a company's image is everything. Take your time and create a fully-realized image. 

Your brand should have a clear goal in mind. You'll need to determine that demographics of your target audience. Consider age, gender, nationality, and so much more. 

Simply, identify your target audience. 

2. Create Your Marketing Platform 

Once you have a clear goal in mind, you need to create your platform. Think of this as the centralized brain from which all thoughts and actions emerge. 

This platform will do much of the work for you. It should take on tasks like marketing analytics and data management. Many of the best platforms in the industry are those run by artificial intelligence (AI)

An effective marketing platform will learn and grow as it analyzes data.

It can produce information about who the consumer is and how you can target their needs as they move forward. 

Your marketing brain can keep track of your customers' online activity. For example, you may offer your customers a chance to compare your products. Did they click on the link? 

The system may even be able to track your company's online reputation, which is essential. 

3. Take Different Approaches 

You may suffer from trying to take a single-minded approach. You cannot do this in the modern market. For the most part, old school marketing tactics are obsolete. 

Consumers expect a personalized experience and immediate satisfaction from brands. If you can't deliver on this promise, you'll set yourself for failure. Your approach to digital marketing should be centered on the customer. 

When you enter the entrepreneurial world, you'll need to be able to tackle your audience from several different angles all at once. Think about social media, blogging, product pages, and so much more. 

How does your brand compare to some of your competitors? 

This sounds like a lot to take in. You may be wondering how you'll possibly tackle this aspect of your marketing campaign. 

This brings us to the next point: 

4. Hire Out 

Handling everything in-house can become an overwhelming task. Don't let your in-house team become overwhelmed with these marketing tasks. 

Sometimes it's best to hire an external marketing firm to do some of the work for you. These marketing firms can help you develop the best marketing strategies for your brand. 

They'll have the expertise and technical knowledge to get your marketing campaign in full swing. You may save money because you won't have to hire your own team of marketers and technology experts. 

5. Open Pathways of Communication 

Let's say your startup has grown to the point of having several departments tasked with different aspects of the company's overall goals. Sometimes, this causes communication to become less clear. 

For example, one department may be in charge of developing a new product. Another may be in charge of distributing the product to retailers. 

If these two departments don't communicate properly, your message could get lost in translation. Communication should always be open and honest. If one department doesn't understand the goals of another, communicate. 

Open communication allows for a synergetic workflow and building a complete marketing strategy. 

6. Make Sure Company Goals Are in Alignment 

This brings us to the next point.

You need to make your company goals are consistent across all departments. You need to do a bit of internal work if you want to make sure your marketing campaign is consistent across all platforms. 

All employees should be excited about each product in development or distribution. Is this not so? If it's not, you should take steps to find out why this might be. 

Each department may be in charge of very different aspects of the company. Try to gain an understanding of what your employees are thinking. 

Do they understand the goals of the product? Do they have ideas about how to make it better? 

You may need to take the initiative and begin working from the top down. At the top-level of management, it's up to you to make sure your employees are happy and excited about your company's endeavors. 

If they're not, you might need to rethink your strategies. Consider how you can better set team goals and create incentives to stay on track. 

Being a team player is everything. No one likes a dictator. 

Integrated Marketing Communications: The Takeaway 

If you want your customers to better engage with your brand, you need to rethink your marketing strategies. First, do you have a comprehensive digital marketing strategy? 

If so, you may have what it takes to take on the market. If you follow the above 6 tips, you may be on your way to successful integrated marketing communications. It's all about making your team and digital systems are in alignment. 

Running a startup can be incredibly stressful. Don't let yourself drown in those waters.

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