February 24, 2019

Talent Acquisition and Technology = Opportunity!

Stephen Enright

Stephen Enright
Founder/SJE Partners, LLC

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Ten years ago, I was in a conference room in Boston evaluating recruitment consulting companies to work with us. As it approached lunchtime, I got up and walked to the window. After a minute or two I asked those in the room to join me at the window. 'Tell me what all those people down there are doing,’ I said. The response was that most were looking at phones or other mobile devices, and most had earpieces in. The next question was, ‘So, how do we reach those people as candidates for our jobs?’

Today, the challenges are even more interesting when it comes to reaching the talent we want in our organizations. It’s not just job boards anymore. It’s not tweeting out job openings. It’s creating an employer brand, online and in real life, that draws candidates to you. I don’t want an HR professional searching Google for HR job openings, I want the most talented HR professionals looking to my organization's online presence to see what HR opportunities I have on my team. I want my brand to be strong enough that job seekers check my career site first.

In the end, we found a recruitment consulting team that understood what we wanted and had the capability to help us get there. In my most recent job I was fortunate to find a recruitment consultant out of Florida who took my understanding of these technological opportunities to another level. I was introduced to geo-targeting, career websites instead of pages, cookies, outbound online branding, and more. Today’s opportunities in the recruiting world are exciting, and powerful.

One challenge for companies and their recruitment strategies is the ‘We’ve always done it this way’ syndrome. Taking advantage of newly available technology means change, and change is not always welcomed with open arms. I’ve seen it in small community hospitals being acquired by big healthcare systems. I’ve seen it in small companies where paper still rules the day. I’ve seen companies that are a great brand as a provider but are a secret as an employer. The old argument ‘but, we’ve always done it this way,’ is not going to get you where you need to go.

One of the things today’s candidates look for in an employer is how much technology they use, and how effectively they use it. Walking into a recruiter’s office adorned with stacks of paper may not be the first impression we want to make. Being on page 12 of a Google search is also not necessarily the first impression we want to make. Our recruitment technology capabilities must match the expectations of the pool we’re recruiting from.

Simply stated, why risk being a dinosaur when it’s so much more fun being a pathfinder!

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