August 08, 2019


Jeff Stephenson

Jeff Stephenson
Co-Owner and Subject Matter Expert/RPSolved

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I hope everyone that is reading this has had a day they would consider to be a success.  If not, then I would ask you to do the following quick exercise:

Take a moment and think of all the things that are working well in your life.

Now quantify the instances where you accomplished what you set out to do in the course of the day from the time you woke up till this moment. Everything....mundane or otherwise...wake up on time? eat breakfast without breaking a dish?...commute to work safely?, fix a cup of coffee/tea the way you like it without spilling it?, etc.

Now compare this to the number of times you feel that you did not succeed.

What is the ratio? I surmise that it is overwhelmingly slanted to the win column. Am I correct? I bet I am.

Now that we have cleared this up, here are some additional simple principles that have collectively shaped my approach to life, work and challenges that I hope will aid you in your continued success.

1. Decisions should be based on one thing. Will my decision impact my relationship with those that I care about?

2. The reason we are safe is because we have loved ones whose life would be devasted if we are not.

3. You manage situations and processes, you lead people.

4. A leader never asks anyone to do anything that they would not be willing to do.

5. Leaders are followed by choice, dictators by force.

6. A leader rarely crosses the finish line first as they are usually in the back helping the last person cross the finish line.

7. Everything can be taken from you except your integrity and your love. You have to give these away.

8. Your lips are best used to frame words to convey thoughts and pursed to convey affection to loved ones, not by placing on someone's butt to advance an end.

9. You can only fail if you stop trying.

10. You cannot force others to accept your help but you can help them to accept the outcome.

11. You cannot always control what is done to you but you can always control how you respond.

12. If the word promise were an element, it would have the density of lead and the monetary value of the purest gold. Hence, do not promise anything unless you know that you can and are willing to do it and then only promise that you will try.

13. Always leave a place or situation better than when you arrived, if nothing more than with new friends and lessons learned.

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