July 18, 2019

Sales Performance Success In Regulated Markets

Peter Djokovich

Peter Djokovich
Senior Partner/Commission Systems

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It’s obvious to most that Sales Success is essential to achieve financial goals. But, in pharmaceuticals, financial services, medical devices, life sciences, and many other industries, sales conduct remains under a high degree of regulatory scrutiny. 

We know The Key to Sales Success is: build profitable customer relationships with an engaged workforce.

Sales in regulated industries is promoting and delivering the products and services that customers need; and, doing so within regulatory guidelines.

Too many businesses are struggling to navigate that fine line. 

Since the early 1990’s, thousands of firms have achieved Compliant Sales Success by conducting highly-effective periodic Sales Performance Reviews. These internal reviews include assessing and enhancing:

  • Sales roles & responsibilities
  • Relationship engagement strategies
  • Customer portfolio valuation
  • Customer Experience validation
  • Training & development
  • Goal alignment
  • Performance assessment & reporting
  • Recognition & incentive compensation
  • Market and Sales Conduct oversight

This type of Review’s objectives are to maintain compliance, attract/retain/enhance profitable customer relationships, sell more, and increase revenue. And, over the years, firms using this initiative have achieved far-above-expectation sales performance improvements and results.


My perspective is built upon providing growth, sales, distribution, and customer relationship management strategy execution advisory for just about 35 years. I’ve had the opportunity to assist over a thousand organizations acquire and retain top performing employees, channels, and customers. My clients have achieved consistent success in the short, medium, and long-term; some I have served for over two decades. If you'd like me to write or comment on growth strategy development and execution, performance management process and technology, or performance-based incentive compensation plans or technology, please reach out via my advisorycloud profile.

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