March 11, 2019

Quantum Innovation Circles - A New Way to Create an Innovative Culture

Gail Taylor-Smith

Gail Taylor-Smith
CEO /TaylorSmith LLC

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When we think about the most innovative organizations, Google and Apple are likely near the top of the list. Numerous articles have been published about each organizations’ approach to innovation. Google’s “culture of innovation” is built around four cornerstones—mission, transparency, voice and space—that nurture its environment. Apple’s innovative culture, from the return of founder Steve Jobs in 1997 to current CEO Tim Cook and his leadership team, has embodied the four traits common to many innovative organizations: creativity, collaboration, courage, and execution. The ability to innovate is one of the most critical attributes of a successful company. Key benefits include the ability to compete more effectively, increased agility to respond to rapidly changing and emerging customer needs, and the ability to attract and retain the best talent. 

At Pristine Creations, we have created the Quantum Innovation Circle (QIC). Key elements include collaboration, connection, and alignment to mission. In addition, we have found, through prototyping, that having diversity of perspectives, a fun, open and inclusive environment, and the courage to speak from the heart creates an environment in which future disruptive possibilities miraculously emerge. This approach to innovation obsoletes existing problems by:

  1. Tapping into an arising future
  2. Tapping into the collective intelligence of the team/organization
  3. Creating a transformative culture and paradigm shift

QICs are experientially based. We prioritize experiences as they arise in the moment over complex conceptual thinking, biases, beliefs and stories. Unlike brainstorming, a common innovation strategy, we use a unique combination of mind, heart and gut intelligence working in sync, alignment and high coherence to choose the best possible future available. Bringing together a group of people in this manner results in an amplification effect, whereby the combined abilities of the group to innovate solutions is exponentially greater than the sum of the individuals’ capabilities.

How are QICs different from traditional innovation practices? In contrast to ordinary, traditional innovation approaches that rely heavily on mind activities, we step completely into the unknown by creating an environment in which the quantum field of possibility can be accessed. Ordinary innovation processes tend to focus on solving a problem or looking for creative solutions. They tend to be created from the same mindset, beliefs and paradigms in which the problems were created. In contrast, our Innovation Circle approach requires that we step out of the water you normally swim in, out of the way of being, thinking and perceiving the reality in which we live every day.

Co-creation of pristine innovations is done in an environment that is playful, joyous, full of laughter and inspiring experiences. It’s about being present in the moment with mind and body and with the collective insight of all stakeholders. You align your connections with others, your energy and coherence level to illuminate and amplify all the synchronicities you encounter.

The “experience” established for Innovation Circles is critical to foster a safe environment for people to tap into their deepest intuitive senses in the quantum field. According to Albert Einstein, "The Intuitive mind is a sacred gift, the rational mind a faithful servant, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." By creating powerful, emotional, collective experiences, QICs create the foundation for the emergence of a new culture on a much shorter timeline. A culture that is engaging, innovative and collaborative.

Innovation is not about what you already know. Innovation is about what you do not know that you do not know, yet. Quantum Innovation Circles are the games we play to invoke the unknown, that which is ready to be created and come to life. We invite you to incorporate Quantum Innovation Circles into your culture, meetings and strategy development as a common practice. To see the full article, click here:

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