March 03, 2015

The Advisory Board - Your Untapped Resource for Business Development

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An Advisory Board is one of the most untapped resources for business development. Utilizing the resources and connections of individual advisors or an Advisory Board is one of the most efficient ways to bring about and expedite business development opportunities. As a CEO, your time is incredibly valuable, and business development deals are one of the best ways to grow your company.

Having a sounding board that is separate from your company provides important feedback, suggestions, resources, and connections that can have an immediate impact on the growth and success of your company. From public and private companies to startups, every company can receive value from an advisory board, and at ExecRank we make finding advisors incredibly simple.

Here are a few ways to enable your advisors or advisory board to assist in your business development:

  • Suggestions for ideas on targeting a new market, and asking who has connections in that market that could help
  • Brainstorming an alternative growth opportunity for your company, based on each advisors experience and strengths
  • Sharing the top three contacts that each advisor has and how they could be of help to the company
  • Discussing how to penetrate and partner with a specific company, and the resources and connections your advisors have that could assist

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