March 28, 2019

Meeting Customers Where They Are At- Mobile

Dwayne Mosley

Dwayne Mosley
Owner/Old Abe Brewing, LLC

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It was early in 2015 that I began short code texting with Real Estate Brokers in my firm of Rainmakers Marketing. As a person curbside has a yard sign between them and the exterior of the property, a sign rider with a short code text allows the interested eyeballs to get a text in seconds with a ten-second video of what is inside.

The Listing Agent in seconds has the text with the Name, Cell#, Property Address, Credit Score, Income level and if they presently own a home or not.  It is a game changer for every company using CellAHome.

It was in 2016 when starting Old Abe Brewing that I thought to use this technology in reaching consumers of the craft brewed gluten-free pale ale's offered.  It works!

So as I watch companies work hard to attract consumers to be pro-active in purchasing a product, or for any business really to provide something they want to give a person interested in doing business with a firm or say if Old Abe Brewing wanted to offer a purchase special, I can change the message quickly with the short code system.

At a local Home Depot recently looking a replacement door for a bathroom shower, the packaging I was looking at featured, the short code text.  When I did that, I got a short turorial on installing.  The messaging can be anything a company or business wants to be delivered.  

Imagine a graduating Senior this spring ready to submit their resume to future employer.  Instead of heading the top of the resume with Name, Address, Cell Number and email, I would do head the resume this way:

Dwayne Mosley
Text: DM to 40691

What I bank on is the person that picks up my resume will set it aside for the very reason of the difference of having my name and a text offering vs the standard.  Let's say I am applying for a teaching position, I can provide a short 15 to 20-second video on why I would be a perfect in xxxx school district.

I would also have confirmation sent back to me when the short code text was made and my video was viewed.  The advantage is having that person who will hire have a chance to see and her me first which hopefully gives me the advantage of a phone call or text to be interviewed.

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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