January 09, 2019

Lybarger Business Model

William Lybarger
Expert Management /Expert Management Services

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Business environments change but good business practice does not.  In fact, good business practice is redundant.  I have concluded that, in business, there are success and failure templates.  These constants can guide us to added value.  For example, I believe the quickest way to add value is to discontinue irrelevant work activities, dispose of irrelevant employees and establish alignment between strategy and operations while creating a 90/90 work culture.  In the 90/90 work culture, 90% of all employees complete 90% of their work correctly 90% of the time with little or no supervision.  Also, I suggest following a policy of “less is more” in every part of business operation except five.  They are [1] employee satisfaction, [2] customer satisfaction, [3] employee compensation, [4] employee productivity and [5] profit.

The “less is more” concept is best implemented through a macro perspective supported by a right-to-left decision-making process.  The first step is to define the organization's macro success.  The second step is to determine critical events (no more than ten) that must occur if that success is to be achieved.  The third step is to define employee behaviors (no more than ten) that if exhibited correctly and consistently increase the probability of achieving that success.  The fourth step is to circle back to the beginning of the work process and based on the preceding set of parameters move from left to right strengthening every process, activity and person that increases the probability of success and discarding all others.

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