April 18, 2014

How an Advisory Board Can Help Your Company Raise Capital

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One of the most useful aspects of an advisory board is helping to raise capital. While they are obviously not involved in the day-to-day fundraising, a couple well-placed calls by your advisors can open the wallets of some key potential investors.  If your company is currently, or in the coming years, raising capital, now is the time to bring on some advisors with specific connections to deep pockets, as well as insights on how to structure the deal in the right way given the current funding marketplace and your future goals for the company.

Whether seeking angel investments, venture capital, bank loans, strategic partner investments, or the myriad of other ways to raise capital for your business, the right advisors can make an enormous impact on landing funding as well as structuring it in the right way. Here are some types of advisors that could be very valuable to your business:

  • Venture Capitalist in Your Industry
  • Bank CEO or Loan Officer
  • An Individual With Extensive Angel Investing Experience
  • CFOs Who Have Recently Been Involved in Raising Capital for Their Company
  • Other CEOs Who Have Recently Raised Capital
  • Experienced Endowment or Pension Fund Expert

Whether you are looking to raise capital right now or not for a few years, it is never too early to begin finding the right advisors. Many times companies will set up an advisory board specifically for raising capital. These individuals, or even just one advisor, can instantly transform your fund raising efforts. These types of individuals are looking for advisor roles and board seats, take advantage of this by getting them on your side and you’ll be amazed at the immediate impact they can have. 

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