February 07, 2019

Finding A Financial Advisor Part 1

Kevin Ellman CFP

Kevin Ellman CFP
CEO/Wealth Preservation Solutions

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This is part one in our series on how to find the right financial advisor.

The number one reason that most people work with a financial advisor is to help them achieve their financial goals. At the outset, it is helpful to have realistic expectations and to clarify for yourself what you are looking for in a financial advisor. Before your advisor can help you craft a plan to achieve your goals, they have to understand exactly what you hope to accomplish and exactly what resources are at your disposal.

Seek out someone who will obtain all the facts surrounding your particular situation before they even begin to consider developing a plan. It is critical to find and work with someone who is willing to put your interests before their own. Most advisors today work on a fee basis. This typically involves a flat fee for developing a plan and perhaps an ongoing fee for managing assets.

As for regulation, most insurance products are heavily regulated and they also provide fee compensation. Whatever the arrangement, there should be full and complete disclosure of all fees and expenses. Financial planning or wealth management in today’s world is a · complicated proposition. Some of the areas of focus are estate planning, business succession planning, asset management, retirement planning, insurance management, and employee benefits.

Asset allocation does not protect against loss of principal due to market fluctuations. It is a method used to help manage investment risk. Past Performance does not guarantee future results. This material is for informational purposes only and is not meant as Tax or Legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal advisor regarding your personal situation. The opinions expressed are subject to change with economic and market conditions. They are not meant as investment advice. Forward looking statements and market forecasts cannot be guaranteed and may not come to pass.

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