July 22, 2019

Do You Make This Marketing Blunder?

George Austin

George Austin
Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Copywriter/MagneticWebsiteSecrets.com

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Recently I visited the offices of a major internet and print marketing company. After a chat, the Marketing Director gave me a letter they use to solicit attorneys for a special promotion.

Well, to put it bluntly, the letter breaks all the rules of good marketing. And, remember, this is a major marketing company!

First of all, it was just plain wordy. I had to force myself to read it.

Secondly, it was being sent to cold strangers where the "author" of the letter talks about himself over 16 times!  Yet, the person they hoped to convince only got mentioned about five times!

This may be a shock, but strangers don't give a flip about you or me!

That's right. And YOU are only reading this because I may have aroused YOUR curiosity in the headline, and YOU thought maybe YOU could learn something valuable.

Your prospect only cares about herself.  This letter was focused in the wrong direction.

Let me tell you a true story about Agora Publishing company.

For years Agora tried and failed to grow to over $100 million. Then they discovered the something they labeled the 4-U Formula. That marketing formula alone revolutionized their results. Their profits soared and the rest is history.

Thanks to our schools, anyone in this country can write a letter. Sadly, few of them know how to communicate with the power to get results. And sadly, the requirements for being a marketing writer at even major marketing companies is usually a degree in English or Journalism.

But, being a grammar Nazi or knowing AP playbook by heart does nothing for getting your target prospects to pay attention, sign up, click here,or whip out a credit card!

My expertise and background is direct response marketing and copywriting. That is a niche of marketing writing which focuses on getting people to take action. As such, I've spent many years writing sales letters using the 4-U and other formulas.

The letter from marketing company failed the 4-U test.

Ask yourself how many times have you relied on advice that didn't produce the results you thought it should?

When you're ready to re-evaluate your marketing, contact me. I can provide testimonies and samples.

George Austin

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