September 12, 2018

Characteristics of a Good Recruitment System

Donald Jasensky

Donald Jasensky
Founder and CEO/Automotive Personnel, LLC

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The most important ingredient to your career/ business success is the people whom you hire. They sell you products, find your customers, provide your revenue stream, solve your problems, and fend off your competition.

Problem is, you can have an MBA from an Ivy League school and still be ill-equipped to find great candidates, interview, assess and evaluate.

For 2018

  1. Highly effective
  2. Easy to use
  3. Repeatable across all positions
  4. Teachable  - becomes  “Tribal Knowledge”
  5. Easily adopted by new managers
  • Highly effective means that if you follow the system you will consistently hire good employees who fit your open positions
  • Easy to use means it is not overly complicated whereby the system itself gets into the way of hiring.
  • The system must be usable for all positions, from junior through senior level positions. Of course, more complex and higher level positions require more time and effort but the system remains the same.
  • The ability to teach the system to other employees is essential for a system to be adopted and become “tribal knowledge” by the employees.
  • A good system must be easily adopted by new managers who join the company. A system so complex that new managers need to go off few a few days of training to learn how to use the system is way overly complicated and often become untenable in small through medium size organizations.

Good recruitment becomes a part of your organizational culture not a  just a Human Resources function. 

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