May 16, 2019

Build Relationships While You Raise Money – Four Ideas for Your Year-End Campaign

Andrea Barnes

Andrea Barnes
President and CEO/ECHO Connection

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Your nonprofit year-end giving campaign is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your donors while encouraging and asking for support. You build relationships and trust with your donors by sharing the impact of your programs and you encourage giving by maintaining consistency in reaching out to your donors and making it easy to give off-line as well as online.

Here are 4 IDEAS to make your campaign a success:


Conduct your year-end campaign over a 4-6 week period so that you can share a more complete story of your nonprofit’s mission and the difference you make with the people you serve.


Plan to use both a physical mailing as well as an email campaign that share thematic messages and strengthen the case for giving.


Create a story arc across the campaign that highlights the stories of the people you serve and the specific programs within your nonprofit that are effective. For example, if you operate a music school your story arc might include:

Week 1 – Public School Residency Program – Highlight the story of one student

Week 2 – Community Music Program – Highlight the story of the difference a teacher has made with an entire family

Week 3 – Advanced Music Program – Highlight the program features and report on student accolades locally and nationally

Week 4 – Public Outreach – Highlight the breadth of reach of concerts within the community and spotlight the concert at the senior center

Week 5 – Thank you for support – Report the full number of children reached and the number of community members who enjoy the concerts and other programs.


Create a changing balance of emphasis between mission story-telling and the ask as the campaign progresses. Finish the last week with a Thank You message.

I'm wishing you great success in your year-end fundraising campaigns. We regularly publish helpful tips to improve your nonprofit fundraising success. 

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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