March 18, 2019

Are You Ready for Success?

Jennifer Pardee

Jennifer Pardee
Founding Partner, CEO/

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So your company has made the jump into content marketing and established a content marketing plan for your company.

As with new initiatives, a considerable amount of time and resources has gone into developing your strategy and the structure for operationalizing content marketing.

While the implementation of a new strategy often includes reviewing existing processes, it never hurts to ask…

Are you ready for success?

Content marketing is on its own can be a bit absorbing. Teams can get tunnel vision when creating content and mapping out every step in the path users can take as a part of your content.

So, it only makes sense at some point to step back and ask… What happens when you start seeing an uptick or steady stream of leads?

These questions are part of what we work with to keep in mind content marketing is only part of the process. What happens after you get the leads will be what helps you sustain growth.

When articulating your content marketing strategy we do recommend some organizational self-reflection on the following:

  • Who are our customers?
  • How do our customers interact with us(the company)?
  • What do customers need in addition to what they are purchasing?
  • Do our customers need support after a purchase and if so, are those mechanisms established? Are they easy to use?
  • Is the sales process automated? If so, how easy it to use and interact with?
  • Is the sales process a consultative B2B sales process? If so, are informational resources for strategic decision points easily available?
  • Is the customer aftercare process established for follow up after a new customer is acquired?
  • Are there adequate feedback mechanisms in place to address customer experience issues which may hinder our success?
  • What informational resources are self-service based and how easy are they to find?

When these questions are answered to the point of plainly recognizing the connection between content, your customers and your online audience you are ready to start formulating the operational aspects of content creation.

Not all these questions will be relevant to your company but, for the ones that are they are worth asking. Especially in the light of customer acquisition costs creeping higher and higher, knowing your customers, and your processes can both save and earn revenue.


Operationalizing Content Creation


The operational aspects of content creation will vary for the media you are choosing to use and the channel for publication. The same process will not necessarily be relevant for the web page and blog article creation as for video content development and video publication. The same will hold true for the various types of social media content creation and their promotion.

When you establish the structures needed for the operational aspects of content creation with the team to create the content you can execute that brilliant plan to create and publish relevant content to delight your audience.

The answers to these questions will highlight key aspects of how your customers and audience interact with you digitally.

  • What social media channels do our customers use the most?
  • What social media channels convert new customers for us?
  • What paid advertising efforts convert the most?
  • What content receives the highest engagement levels for our company?

Since content marketing is a long game the rest is managing and tracking progress making small adjustments as needed and reaping the rewards of your hard work of the content as it is published and promoted?

It is not unusual to build out resources or overhaul existing ones to create new processes and overlook related processes within the organization. Yet, if you are going to be delighting customers with content, then delight them with the process of becoming a customer and/or continuing their customer relationship.

Comments? You can contact me directly via my AdvisoryCloud profile.

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