July 31, 2019

Are You Accessible as an Advisor? Let's Find Out.

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Chris Beaver

Chris Beaver
AdvisoryCloud/Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Sales - AdvisoryCloud

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Potential clients can’t hire you if they can’t find you. Whether you are a consultant, freelancer, or executive professional looking for paid advisory work, being easily accessible to potential clients is one of the most important favors you can do for yourself.

Let’s say someone came across your name in the byline of an article relating to their business and they want to partner with you on a project. Or, they saw your name listed as a volunteer for a non-profit organization and think you might be able to advise their company on similar matters. Can they easily find your contact information?   

No one is digging through the Yellowpages anymore so if they can’t do a quick online search for your email address or phone number they will give up, leaving you with a missed opportunity. Unfortunately, unsolicited cold calls and expert scammers have made our society ultra-sensitive to sharing personal information, but in business it’s extremely beneficial to have a public way for people - even someone you don’t know - to get in contact with you.

AdvisoryCloud offers professionals a way to increase their visibility and online presence - and get hired as an advisor - through individual web pages called Advisor Profiles. Each member creates their own Advisor Profile that can be shared with individuals or companies around the world seeking advice to either grow their business or overcome current challenges. Advisor Profiles are not only a solution to making you more accessible, but also serve as a hub for your advisory work. Consider this an advanced self-promotional tool, allowing you to showcase your unique expertise and skill sets that demonstrate your value as an advisor and gives potential clients a place to hire you. 

Because AdvisoryCloud’s Advisor Profiles are publicly searchable, your professional reach is extended beyond just the people in your network. Once on your profile, people can connect with you directly through a “BOOK A MEETING” button, scheduling time to speak with you, either through email or phone, based on the availability you set. You can also get paid directly through a secure payment system. 

Now that you’ve made it easy for potential clients to find you, make sure you give them even more of a reason to hire you. Ask yourself, what else can I do to convince them to hire or work with me? 

AdvisoryCloud provides professionals with a platform to publish thought leadership articles and white papers, as well as earn certifications on a range of executive education courses - all of which can be displayed on the Advisor Profile. 

With hundreds of thousands of highly experienced and qualified executives in the world, take time to ensure you’ve done everything in your power to make yourself accessible to future opportunities. 

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