June 27, 2019

AdvisoryCloud Featured Advisor Interview with Timothy Weinheimer

Timothy Weinheimer

Timothy Weinheimer
Founder/Principal/The Weinheimer Group

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Timothy was interviewed by AdvisoryCloud on 06/03/2019 as part of our Featured Advisor Interview series.

AC - Tell us more about your main areas of expertise for being an advisor?

TW - Digital marketing transformation and brand messaging architectures (BMAs) are my specialty. I welcome clients’ reliance on me to help them solve, transform and build a digital-centric marketing team, structure and new dependence on the right tools that measurably build their business. And at the core of every client relationship is branding – helping technology, healthcare brands in a digital AI-driven world figure out their highest calling in crafting a lasting promise to their customers through a persuasive brand messaging architecture.

AC - Describe your main motivation for being an advisor?

TW - I’ve always enjoyed using my drive to win and clear creative thinking to help clients get to a new starting line. And that start today is typically for me the birth of a completely new health tech brand born out of smart innovation, or the complete digital marketing transformation of an internal corporate communications team or agency’s digital marketing capabilities – helping them redefine a new martech toolset to put them on a more efficient and effective track.

AC - Elaborate on the types of situations, challenges or decisions, you feel you could add the most value to as an advisor?

TW - Here are three core areas where my services in digital transformation can add the most value to client teams:

Digital strategy and planning: Helping clients reinvent offerings, experiences and business models to create new value, differentiation and revenue in the digital economy by setting stakeholder-owned goals and KPIs that matter most to their business.

Operationalizing digital marketing teams: Helping clients restructure for digital strategy and marketing communications success from jobs creation and talent assessments to reinventing digital team models that delight customers and improve team focus and performance.

Digital marketing tools and technology: Helping clients determine what stays and what goes when it comes to new marketing technology tools and services by simplifying, modernizing and activating the marketing toolset – from analytics to social listening resources – that should be the backbone of your digital-centric business.

AC - Do you see any disruptive trends on the horizon in your industry or position?

TW - Yes, both AI and 5G will continue to have a profound impact on how brands engage with customers and create communications and content strategies to deliver their brand’s services. I recently published research and an eBook on this very subject: ‘How Brands Can Survive and Thrive in the Age of AI.’ Also please check on my LinkedIn article on the impact of 5G on brands’ content marketing efforts.

AC - Tell me about the most impactful project or decision you’ve been involved in as an executive.

TW - A genuine career watershed moment for me was being selected to lead the overall digital marketing and integrated communications strategy for The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). I had the opportunity to lead as the co-captain on the overall strategic direction for the communications campaign promoting nationwide adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) under the HITECH Act including the creation of HealthIT.gov. The campaign won numerous awards, most notably PRWeek Best Public Sector Campaign of the Year and a Gold SABRE Award for research and measurement.

If you are interested in speaking with Timothy about this topic or others, you can book a meeting with him through his AdvisoryCloud profile here - https://www.advisorycloud.com/profile/Timothy-Weinheimer

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