November 12, 2019

AdvisoryCloud Featured Advisor Interview with Jay Breeden

Jay Breeden

Jay Breeden
President/CD2 Learning

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Jay was interviewed by AdvisoryCloud in November 2019 as part of our Featured Advisor Interview series.

  • AC - Tell us more about your main areas of expertise for being an advisor?

    Jay Breeden - My primary areas of expertise are in technology, operations, and business strategy, in that order. I've had the opportunity to work on numerous projects that involve utilizing technology to either make companies run more efficiently or to launch products and grow revenue.

    AC - Describe your main motivation for being an advisor?

    Jay Breeden - For me, it's really about working closely with other like-minded people and finding solutions to problems that matter. I've found in my work that it's a great benefit to have a trusted advisor that asks the right questions and provides an external, unbiased viewpoint.

    AC - Elaborate on the types of situations, challenges or decisions, you feel you could add the most value to as an advisor?

    Jay Breeden - I'm best suited to advise on projects, challenges, or decisions related to how your organization is thinking about implementing a new technology, developing a new product, or optimizing existing processes. This would include things like pricing and product strategy, market positioning, impact analysis, business planning, etc. I've also been involved in conceptualizing, launching, and fundraising for several new ventures.

  • AC - Do you see any disruptive trends on the horizon in your industry or position?

    Jay Breeden - Right now, in online learning and training, there are a couple of things I'm paying close attention to - personalization and remediation. Probably because I approach this industry from a technology perspective, rather than an educators perspective, I'm keenly aware of the possibilities for how we can use assessment and interaction data from a system to quickly cement subject matter mastery for an individual.

    AC - Tell me about the most impactful project or decision you’ve been involved in as an executive.

    Jay Breeden - The most impactful decisions I've been involved in from an operations perspective are those that affect the entire company. Recently we made a decision to replatform all of our support and communications capabilities which meant every single person had to learn new software and processes. In the end, we are able to provide a significantly higher level of service to our customers at a greatly reduced cost. Though there were a few internal speedbumps, the phased rollout plan I designed and executed made the transition nearly seamless to the outside world.

If you are interested in speaking with Jay about this topic or others, you can book a meeting with them through their AdvisoryCloud profile here -

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