August 07, 2019

AdvisoryCloud Featured Advisor Interview with Dave Blanchard

Dave Blanchard

Dave Blanchard
Small Business Growth Expert; Marketing Automation Specialist/

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Dave was interviewed by AdvisoryCloud on 07/12/2019 as part of our Featured Advisor Interview series.

AC - Tell us more about your main areas of expertise for being an advisor?

DB - My four main areas of expertise - startups, growth, digital direct response marketing, and automation - connect in the following way… combining digital marketing and automation is a key way for startups to leverage limited resources to drive growth. Rapid learning is key to finding the marketing strategy that resonates with the ideal customer and digital direct marketing with automation are relatively low cost and dynamic tools for testing messaging, target segments, and offers. Once the desired response is achieved, the entire campaigns can be easily scaled.

AC - Describe your main motivation for being an advisor?

DB - In my opinion, small to medium-sized businesses are the main growth engine for jobs, innovation, and values-based businesses that improve our communities. I can think of no better way for me to serve than helping these businesses succeed.

AC - Elaborate on the types of situations, challenges, or decisions, you feel you could add the most value to as an advisor?

DB - I am able to see what’s missing in a growth strategy and create something where nothing exists. For example, I helped a startup in the energy efficiency space, launch their first product online and through a physical presence at the leading industry trade show. This company had never executed these strategies before, and I was able to build them from the ground up and drive great results.

AC - Do you see any disruptive trends on the horizon in your industry or position?

DB - Mass personalization- one-to-one marketing at scale - while not a new trend, continues to build momentum as a disruptive force in marketing. Gone are the days when one size fits all experiences and messages were effective and efficient. The ability to connect with prospects and clients in a personally relevant way -at scale- is an increasingly important capability for organizations to possess.

AC - Tell me about the most impactful project or decision you’ve been involved in as an executive.

DB - I co-created the Fit Follow Up system that helps boutique gyms acquire and keep members faster and more efficiently. In the pilots we’ve recently wrapped up, we were able to help gyms grow by multiple six figures, which for a business of that size, makes a tremendous difference in the life of the business owner.

If you are interested in speaking with Dave Blanchard about this topic or others, you can book a meeting with him through his AdvisoryCloud profile here:

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