August 05, 2019

5 Creative Strategies to Market Your Startup

Aaron Vick

Aaron Vick

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In the United States, there are almost 30 million registered small businesses. That number will grow by a whopping half a million per month but only one third will last for 10 years.

What does all of that mean for your startup?

First, competition is fierce given that millions of other hungry entrepreneurs are trying to make waves in your business' niche every day. Second, odds are you'll be closing your doors in under 10 years.

How then can you position yourself to not only cut through all of the small business clutter that exists but also put yourself in a position to last?


Utilizing creative strategies in marketing is the lynchpin of success when it comes to being able to navigate the choppy tides that all startups face. Below, I've outlined 5 of my favorite underutilized marketing strategies startups need to start paying more attention to.

1. Let Sharing Your "Why" Be at the Core of All Communications

If your startup is focused on organic pet products, you're just one out of a million other companies doing the same thing. That's true of any number of niches your startup could be focused around.

How can you appear unique to consumers then? What sets you apart?

Chance are, what makes you unique is your "why."

Why did you get into selling organic pet products? What is the impact you want your business to have on the world? How do you make your community a better place?

Really defining where the source of your passion comes from and sharing it when you're marketing yourself will do wonders in making your brand feel less generic. It will also stir consumer's emotions which will lead them to buy from you as opposed to your competitors.

Remember, passion not only propels businesses, but it also propels customers. Share your passion with people, inspire them. You'll find doing that leads to you netting lifelong brand advocates.

2. Focus on Slowly Building Credibility

A lot of people market with the intention of being as flashy as they can in hopes of grabbing customer's attention. While this can work and lead to a sale or two, you'll put yourself in a position where you're constantly needing to be over the top to engage customers that aren't likely to buy from you without you pushing them.

The way that you make it so people come to you for a service, again and again, is by building credibility. While building credibility may not seem like it should be among "creative strategies," you'd be surprised by how few startups are credibility focused and the detriment that leads to.

To start building credibility now, build a blog and share your expertise in your niche with users for free. Make your content share-worthy and push it on social media. Engage with your consumer's posts on social and offer advice.

You'll find that by putting selling in the passenger's seat and earnest, slow engagement in the front, your startup's foundation will solidify and customers will start pouring in.

3. Grab Attention with Irresistible Offers

Some of the biggest companies in the world including Amazon and Netflix made waves by offering quality products at an irresistible price point. In fact, their price-points were so irresistible that Amazon didn't start making money on its services until recently and Netflix is still losing money.

You could learn a thing or two from that approach.

If your company can afford it, consider giving away e-coupons or have straight-up giveaways of products. You can also offer buyers an unbeatable money-back guarantee.

By letting people engage with your products and services with minimal risk, you'll find that more customers will be drawn to your brand and many will become lifelong buyers.

4. Sponsor Events

In today's digital-focused world, it seems like all creative strategies in marketing are centered around the internet. You can have a deeper and more personal impact on customers though if you take at least a portion of your marketing efforts offline and into the real world.

As an example, I always like to recommend that startups find popular community events and consider sponsoring them so long as the event's audience could represent value to their business.

Interfacing with people on a more physical level is a great way to develop goodwill between consumers and your brand and can lead to very valuable leads.

5. Find Opportunities to Get Mentioned

The more sites online that reference your products and services, the better search engine positioning you will enjoy which will lead to more opportunities to engage fans. A really creative way to get more mentions online is by tracking when your competitors get a shout out.

If you set up Google alerts for all of your competitors, you'll receive an email whenever an online source references them. You can then engage those sources and sell them on why they should reference your brand in the future when they're creating content around your niche.

Wrapping Up Creative Strategies to Market Your Startup

Effective marketing of your startup can make or break its ability to cut through today's business clutter and create a foundation that will lead to longevity. To get started bolstering your startup through marketing, I recommend leveraging the creative strategies I've mentioned above.

Any one of them could help your startup begin to build goodwill with consumers and authority within it's market's niche.

If you're looking to start building your brand at a breakneck pace but aren't sure how to put all of the tips you're getting together into a cohesive plan, I'd love to help you out.

My name is Aaron Vick and I help business owners like you take their companies from where they are to the places they're meant to be.

Reach out to me via my AdvisoryCloud profile so we can discuss your goals in-depth.

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